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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BC Cup Preview, Kamloops, April 28-May 1

The final provincial tournament camp of the season will take place beginning this weekend in Kamloops as the best bantam draft eligable players will coverge for the BC Cup.  In doing this preview, I will run down each of the rosters and provide some opinion on who to watch, grading of defenseman and forwards and a kingpin for each team to watch.  The opinions on the teams will be players we have ranked in our top 200 lists that was sent out to subsribers.


The Bruins are led by a top 10 talent in Ryan Gropp at forward.  Gropp has helped lead Kamloops to a very successful season winning tournaments as well as the KIBIHT.  Chase Lang, Mitchell Walker and Kolten Kerfoot should all be able to score as well for the Bruins.  Gritty forwards Logan Mick and Ryan Donaldson will add depth.  The defense isn't too shaby either as Dysin Mayo (POE) is one of the better puck movers from the province, while Michael McEachern (Westside) and Paul Savage give the Bruins a defensive top 3 that will be tough to rival.  The only question mark on this squad could be in goal where neither of the goalies (Giesbrect, Matte) are currently ranked in the top 200.  However, these camps are a very good gauge on talent and either one of those goalies could vault themselves up.

Forwards:  A - possibly up to 8 forwards from the Bruins could be drafted
Defense: B+ - There will be atleast 3 defenseman drafted.

On the surface, the Wild appear to be one of the weaker sisters in the tournament.   They will depend heavily on the defensive end with Riley Stadel (Cloverdale).  Stadel, we feel should sneak in to the first round of the bantam draft on May 5th and really has a complete game.  Stadel will get some help from Scott Cullen and Josh Johnston but neither are considered top prospects.  Up front, the Wild will look to Brett Menneaur (Westside), Mitchell Friesen (Surrey) and small Matt Revel (Abbotsford) for the scoring.  Neither goalie on this squad are currently ranked (Huff, Poirier). 

Forwards:  B-, 3 players currently ranked
Defense: B, 2 players ranked

This could be one of the more two-way style and gritty teams in the tournament.  Alec Dillon (Juan de Fuca) is a very capable goalie and could open up some eyes with his play.  The defense doesn't have any top 2-3 ranked players but Ian Bennett (Semiahmoo) and Ryan Gagnon (Quesnel) are capable of playing against top forwards here.  The Forward group has some size and grit with big 6'4 Kyle Raymond (Langley),  and Mason Harding (Kamloops) and scoring talent with Mitchell Skapski (Abbotsford), Carson Bolduc (Kamloops) and Zack Funk (POE).  Strong team who has a chance at winning it all.

Defense: B, 2 players ranked
Forwards:  B+, 5 players ranked

Once again, another team with which neither of the goalies are ranked by us for the bantam draft (Dyment (Abbotsford), Edwards (Clearview).  The defense core really only has one ranked player by us and that is Mitchell Meek (POE).  Up front, Cole Pickup (Juan de Fuca) and Camerson Seto (BWC) will have to do all they can to give the Canucks anything.  This team in total has just 3 players ranked in the top 200 for the bantam draft. 

Forwards:  C-
Defense:  C

Right off the start, the Stars are stable in goal with the provinces top ranked goalie Peyton Lee (POE).  That alone will give the Stars to win each game.  If that isn't enough, how about the provinces top ranked defenseman in Joe Hicketts (Kamloops).  Hicketts has the ability to take over the game with a bit hit, blocked shot or end to end rush.  Hicketts will get help on the blueline from Connor Pasco (BWC) and Garrett Stankhovan (Victoria).  The Forward group doesn't have a huge amount of depth but Chad Butcher (Kamloops) is one of if not the top scorer from the entire province in tier 1 this year and provides just about everything.  Matt Painchaud (Abbotsford) and Sheldon Brett (Poe) will help out up front as well.

Forwards:  C+
Defense: A-

The Leafs will sport a goalie that scouts will be watching fairly closely in Nic Bruyere (Burnaby).  Bruyere didn't make the BWC Bruins Tier 1 team this year and will have a lot to prove at the tournament.  The defense on the Leafs will be the toughest to play against in the tournament.  What they lack in skill, they certainly will make up for in hard hits and good defensive play.  Jonah Boston (Notre Dame), Cole Arcuri (OHA) and one of the hardest hitters in the province Connor Harding (Westside) will all make things tough.  The team is 6 deep up front with Dawdiak (Seafair), Del Grosso (BWC), Meyer (Surrey), Blanchard (Kelowna), Rensby (Langley), Rasovic (BWC).  This group likely has 3 players who will be selected in the top 3 rounds of the draft.  The Leafs will be one of the favorites.

Forwards: A, 6 players ranked currently
Defense:  B+, 3 playes ranked

This team will be led by Mission's Landyn Hickmott on forward and Seafair's Shaun Dosanjh on defense.  They are the only two ranked players in the top 200 for the WHL bantam draft currently.  A couple other players will will look to perhaps vault up in to the rankings will be, Nic Gomerich (Nanaimo) and Sidney Harper (BWC).  Neither of the goalies are currently ranked in the top 200 ( Harringer (comox), Sorenson (kitimat).  Thrashers will be in tough here.

Forwards:  C-
Defense:  B

The strength of the Flyers will be at forward with likely captain Francis Bamford (Abbotsford), Bamford is one of the better leaders for his age group in the province.  The Forward group on the Flyers is actually pretty strong with as many as 6 players who could be drafted on May 5.  The others are:  Mike Bell (Kitimat), Ryan Kelm (POE), Carter Hikichi (Kelowna), Mitchell Barker (Kamloops) and Alex Whitwham (Seafair).  Bell and Kelm are likely top 2-4 round selections.  The defensive group doesn't feature a currently ranked player but Royce Rosignal (Cloverdale) is close and will look to make an impression.  Liam McLeod (Kamloops) is a good one to rely upon for the Flyers.

Forwards:  A
Defense:  C-

Kyle Baron (Abbotsford) and Josh Thrower (POE) give the Sabres two of the better defenseman in the tournament to start with.  Adam Cronier (Seafair) in goal gives them decent goaltending as well.  Up front the Sabres will have to rely upon Conner Logan (Juan de Fuca) for scoring and lunch bucket type players Conner Brown-Maloski (POE), Jake Wozney (Seafair) and Austin Scanks (Cloverdale).  This is a team who could find itself in the middle of the pack at the tournament.

Forwards:  C
Defense:  B

A solid team here.  Starting off in goal, the teams has a couple likely drafted players in Kyle Michalovsky (Kamloops) and Kurt Klimek (Langley).  Michalovsky has proven to be a big game goalie all year.  The Defense has a pair who should go in the top 3 rounds of the draft in Viktor Dombrovkiy (BWC) and Matt Murray (Kamloops).  Up front, the team has Jake Virtanen who will be a top 3 selection for the WHL bantam draft on May 5.  Virtanen is easily the top forward from BC for the draft heading in.  However, he is the only ranked player amongst the forwards here.

Fowards:  C+
Defense:  B


Anonymous said...

Looks like pretty indepth coverage for the BC Cup. Just curious why the Albera Cup got so little coverage?

Anonymous said...

If a kid didn't make U 16 will he still get drafted if he is ranked in the top 200 list?

Anonymous said...

I currently scout for a whl team and am surprised how people think u16 especially bc is a gauge of talent .if ai had a dime for all the kids that make zone camps who shouldn't and all those who didn't and should have I would be a rich man.bc hockey is a politically influenced and non- objective entity that really should be hauled out on the carpet and beaten mercilessly for it's partisan picks.scouts have put a lot less emphasis on this and instead go by looks they get at kids throughout the winter season.

Anonymous said...

FYI - The Leafs can't face the Bruins in the final as they are in the same pool. However, they do play each other in the round robin on Friday @ 12:50.

Anonymous said...

Making U16 or the top 200 list has absolutely no bearing on getting drafted.

Anonymous said...

Good work WEHP! provides a great starting point for watching the tournament.

Anonymous said...

stars Won!!! I was on the team and hicketts is an absolutely beast