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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Top 5 Lists

Top 5 teams in Western Canada
1.  Burnaby Winter Club Bruins
2.  Calgary Bisons
3.  SSAC Southgate Lions
4.  Winnipeg Hawks
5.  Okanagan Hockey Academy

Top 5 teams in Western USA
1.  Shattuck St. Mary's
2.  Colorado Thunderbirds
3.  Arizona Bobcats
4.  LA Jr. Kings
5.  Dallas Selects

Top 5 British Columbia Prospects
1.  F- Jaeger White - Burnaby Winter Club Bruins
2.  D- Dante Fabbro - Burnaby Winter Club Bruins
3.  D- Matt Barberis - Burnaby Winter Club Bruins
4.  F- Tyson Jost - POE
5.  F- Dante Hannoun - North Shore Winter Club Winterhawks

Top 5 Alberta Prospects
1.  D- Kale Clague - Lloydminster Heat
2.  F- Tyler Benson - SSAC Southgate Lions
3.  F- Sam Steel - Sherwood Park Flyers
4.  F- Parker Aucoin - Calgary Northstar Sabres
5.  D- Ryley Mckinstry - Calgary Bisons

Top 5 Saskatchewan Prospects
1.  D- Nolan Reid - Notre Dame Hounds
2.  D- Dawson Davidson - Melville Millionaires
3.  F- Kaden Elder - Notre Dame Hounds
4.  F- Garrett Pilon - West Central Wheat Kings
5.  F- Kolby Johnson - West Central Wheat Kings

Top 5 Manitoba Prospects
1.  F- Brett Howden - Eastman Selects
2.  F- Nolan Patrick - Winnipeg Hawks
3.  F- Dylan Thiessen - Winnipeg Monarchs
4.  D- Garrett Kuklica - Winniper Sharks
5.  G- Ryan Kubic - Winnipeg Hawks

Top 5 Western USA Prospects
1.  F- Joey Anderson - Roseville
2.  F- Patrick Khodorenko - Detroit Honeybaked
3.  F- Kieffer Bellows - Shattuck St. Mary's
4.  D- Ryan Lindgren - Shattuck St. Mary's
5.  F- Blake Bargar - Phoenix Jr. Coyotes


Anonymous said...

POE wins the Super Series and you rank BWC and OHA ahead of them...please explain.

Anonymous said...

HAHA you think the super series meant anything? Bwc was without. White. Seidel. And fabbro Barberis Ginetti and shugrue only played a few games. + they had players playing that are now cut. North shore had 4 lines playing Hannoun barely played. The winter clubs used this tournament as a tryout for kids. POE used it as an opportunity to think there good. Poe is not that good

Anonymous said...

It was an exhibition evaluation tryout series's of exhibition games It was great too see Poe toss their gloves and helmets off and sticks up in the air. Funny how their the only ones whon thought it was a tourney. Good thing there was no semi final.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you rank OHA so high ?
They are not even in the top 5 in B.C.

Anonymous said...

BWC and NSWC teams were trying out with many top players sitting every game. No power plays/ penalty kills ect. I don't know if OHA was. We will see after Medicine Hat. I would expect that POE should be close to where it's at.

Anonymous said...

That tournament (if I am correct) is used to make final cuts and play some kids that are on the bubble and not a 100% representation of the team they will ice. Although it will give a good idea, regular season be the real test

Anonymous said...

What's so hard to understand?
The Canadian teams did not play each other, so there's no direct competitive result. All three teams went 3-0-1 in the round robin, and both POE and BWC won their 'final' game. So ...whatever someone's estimation of the teams was BEFORE the tournament, they really wouldn't have any reason to adjust it AFTER the tournament.
Keep in mind, BWC was still carrying 5 additional players as part of their try-out process so they scratched a couple of their top players each game to evaluate those on the bubble. Plus, two of their top six Forwards (White, Seidel) missed the whole show due to injuriy.
POE may very well prove to be tops in BC, but this tournament would do nothing to demonstrate that.

Anonymous said...

This site was at one point, very helpful to see young talent coming up. Its now a group of angry hateful people who hide behind the word "Anonymous".
I am not referring this this post, but more of the past few months. They bring people up then can't want to tear them down. Last year you shut down the comments, and were going to make it so you could not post without your name.

Western Elite said...

It would save me a lot of time to just close off the comments section of the website. However, there is a definite interest in people wanted to share their thoughts and many of which are insightful. It is a very fine line sometimes of what to post and what not to post. Trust me, I do my best to filter the posting but also letting people have their say!

If need be, the comments section could be shut down. At this point, it will stay open.

I hope everyone enjoys what the site has to offer!

Anonymous said...

The 9:32am post seems bizarre to me.
"... angry hateful people ..."? Seriously? What kind of broadbrushing is THAT?!
I haven't read a single comment that could be described as "tearing down" a player. I HAVE read skill assessments and critical analysis here for sure. And yes, much of it is obviously expressed by partisan parents. So what?
The very purpose of the site is to present information on "prospects", and that means there WILL be analysis, criticism, appraisal.
If you're offended because someone said something less than glowing about your son or your son's team ... don't read the comments. Does every remark have to be a bit of fluff or flattery? If that is to be the case I, for one, will stop visiting the site entirely.

Anonymous said...

It would be just fine without comments. Then we would not have to here about how wonderful the BC winter clubs are doing.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen ANY "hateful" posts. At all.
The young athletes being discussed here are being critically evaluated ... that means good AND bad. Overly sensitive parents should either not bother reading, or at least not complain about messages that are sometimes less than glowing about their son and/or his team. Seriously.

Christian Yau said...

Wow, on another ranking site, they have POE ranked 1st then OHA, BWC, Langley, NSWC. I am sure this will stir up some conversation. Isn't this what this forum is about, to learn and discuss hockey. Not argue and flame people. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

how many alberta kids are playing in bc?

Anonymous said...

I agree shut down the comment section it takes away from the purpose of the site.

Western Elite said...

Shutting down the comment section is being considered. The purpose of the blog and the entries is for readers to simply stop in one place to get caught up on happenings across western Canada and the USA. We do realize that for example, Alberta people know Alberta hockey inside out for the most part but many in Manitoba don't know much about hockey in Alberta - thus the reason for updating.

Also for the comment that the Alberta re-cap was simply taken from the summaries....That is very true, we were just pointing out the top performers from opening weekend.

The comments have become very antagonistic in nature and have definitely taken a turn for the worse once again. The same happened in the first two years of WEHP, to which we had to shut it down for a period of time.

In closing, the site is supposed to be an enjoyable outlet for those who follow minor hockey. The comment section is something that takes time to run and I hope everyone can just find a way to keep things a bit more positive in nature.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

September 24, 2012 10:16 PM

Why ask this question ?
People move for different reasons,

Not everything revolves around hockey, but by reading these comments its hard to tell sometimes.

I would like to also have "Anonymous" out of the picture and have names.

Grampa said...

imo, shutting down the blog is not the answer.

You have approval over the comments before they are posted, and it is your blog, therfore, you have the right to omit any or all of those comments which are hateful, inflammatory etc.

Of course this would restrict the free flow of discussions, but it would keep things going for those who can keep their emotions in check and post something of value and contribute to the conversation