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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chilliwack Bantam Tournament

Chilliwack Bruins Minor Hockey Association Powered by Goalline Sports Administration Software
There has been much banter early on this season as to who are the top teams in PCAHA and moreover BC Bantam hockey in general.  Many of those questions will be answered on Thanksgiving weekend at the annual Chilliwack Bantam Tournament which takes place from October 5-8, 2012 at the Twin Rinks and a few games at Prospera Red in Chilliwack.

All told, there will be 16 teams taking part in the tournament, divided in to 4 separate pools.  Here are the pools as they stand right now.  Please note, there still could be some revisions to the schedule and if there are, we will update you at that time.

Pool A
Burnaby Winter Club Bruins (1)
Pursuit of Excellence (2)
Vancouver Thunderbirds (8)
Prince George Cougars (13)

Pool B
Langley Eagles (5)
Okanagan Hockey Academy (3)
Victoria Raquet Club (14)
Coquitlam (11)

Pool C
Abbotsford Hawks (6)
Kelowna Jr. Rockets (9)
Calgary Flames
Semiahmoo Ravens (7)

Pool D
North Shore Winter Club (4)
Burnaby Minor (15)
Chilliwack (12)
Kamloops Jr. Blazers (10)

*denotes BC WEHP Team Ranking.


Anonymous said...

NSWC should be able to walk through their pool and save their top studs for the quarter and semifinal games

Anonymous said...

Semi will dominate in Pool C

will BWC have a healthy team for this tournament?

Barberris is suspect injured in the Semi game with a broken rib because of a big open ice hit, he didnt finish the first period and left the game.

Anonymous said...

Just like last year. Not sure how they are placed, But the entertaining games are in Pool A and C. OHA and Langley will be good.

Grampa said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the hosts of minor hockey tournaments do such a poor job of setting them up and this one is no exception.

By placing their team in the weakest division they are obviously hoping they can squeak through to the semis and hopefully beyond. That said, no doubt NSWC should get through here with realtive ease.

I would truly like to see a tournament which was set up in such a manner that it reflected the talent/strength of the teams.

Assume for a moment that the WEHP rankings are an accurate reflection of the teams while recognizing of course they have not faced off against each other, I think there is a better setup.

An example by ranking









Wouldn't a set up such as this offer a greater opportunbity to see the best teams in the playoffs while also setting up for a possible upset?

Much better for everyone involved, imo.

Anonymous said...

Barberis missed one practice due to BRUISED ribs , get your facts straight BWC will have white and sièdel back and have a full roster.

Anonymous said...

White should be at 100%, but I doubt Barberis and Seidel will be. Ironically Seidel was injured by a Barberis hit from behind while scrimmaging. That incident, like the injury from the Semi game, result from a kind of recklessness that Barberis needs to learn to control. He's got great skills, but doesn't know how to pick his spots yet.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a suggestion for all you BC ummm parents. Start your own blog plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont forget the cheese when you go.

Anonymous said...

Barberris is a solid player, accidents happen when the pace is so quick.

mishaps happen at all levels of the sport (minor, junior and pro)

Please try and remember everyone is Human and we all make decissions and sometimes mistakes.

I do not think any top player means to take out other top player

team mates through thick and thin

Anonymous said...

BWC was missing top players in the preseason game vs Semi. None of Semi's "top guns" were injured; all were playing. When these two teams meet again, certain the outcome will be in BWC's favor with White, Seidel and Barberis in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If it's BWC parents putting all the comments of how great they are you better remember one thing the games are played by YOUR CHILDREN NOT YOU and YOU are putting a TON of PRESSURE on THEM to live up to YOUR expectations!

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about teams OTHER than just BWC and whether they are the best, not the best, as good as last year, not as good....blah, blah, blah. This is a great forum if those who post comments talk about other teams, top players, etc. If all you are able to do is knock someone or some team down to build up "whoever" than go elsewhere please.

Remember these are 14 yr old KIDS who also read these comments. Why should Matt Barberis have to read of his perceived shortcomings. Talk about what he CAN do, what he is CAPABLE of in the future. Kid has worked his butt off over the years and should be commended for it and for what his future may hold.

And NO, I'm not his Dad, or a friend, or from BWC. Just a bantam hockey follower who likes to accentuate the positives.

Anonymous said...

POE has always dominated,and will continue to.

Anonymous said... player, all needed to be said

Anonymous said...

He went into the corner, decked a semi player and hurt himself.

Anonymous said...

Is there a tournament site that posts results?