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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winnipeg Bantam League All-star Rosters

Hockey Winnipeg and its AAA Council are pleased to announce the rosters for its annual ‘AAA All Star Day’ which will take place this coming weekend at the MTS Iceplex. The Council’s AAA All Star celebrations will include skills competitions, skating relays and the showcase game for each division. The Bantam II (age13) action will begin at 9:30am with the Bantam I (age 14) division hitting the ice at 12:45pm. The Midget City (ages 15-16) will skate at 4:00pm. All the action will take place on Saturday January 8th.

Bantam 2 East All-stars (Primarily 97 born)
1. JONES, Adam Winnipeg Sharks
2. WIENS, MacKenzie Winnipeg Sharks
3. GARDINER, Ryan Winnipeg Sharks
4. ANDERSON, Tyler Winnipeg Warriors
5. LAMOTHE, Zach Winnipeg Warriors
6. PALMER, Cody Portage la Prairie
7. DURDLE, Cody Portage la Prairie
8. UHRYNIUK, Julian Winnipeg Sharks
9. KOWALSKI, Nicholas Winnipeg Sharks
10. RICHARDS, Nolan Winnipeg Sharks
11. BOUCHARD, Riley Winnipeg Warriors
12. TARASCHUK, Mark Winnipeg Warriors
14. McFADDEN, Shanan Winnipeg Warriors
15. McKENZIE, Steven Portage la Prairie
16. McLEAN, Kelsen Portage la Prairie
17. BLIGHT, Tanner Portage la Prairie
35. BROWN, Tyler Winnipeg Sharks

Bantam 2 West All-stars (Primarily 97 born)
1. MARTYNUIK, Troy Winnipeg Hawks
2. BRACKEN, Tess Winnipeg Hawks
3. TAKATCH, Kevin Winnipeg Hawks
4. LAYTE, Noah Winnipeg Monarchs
5. BURSTON, Colin Winnipeg Monarchs
6. LAWRENCE, Jesse Brandon Wheat Kings
7. DORNN, TY Brandon Wheat Kings
8. KOLESAR. Keegan Winnipeg Hawks
9. WILLIAMS, Ethan Winnipeg Hawks
10. ARMOUR, Garrett Winnipeg Hawks
11. KEANE, Jackson Winnipeg Monarchs
12. THIESSEN, Dylan Winnipeg Monarchs
14. COURT, Zach Winnipeg Monarchs
15. BURGESS. Marshall Brandon Wheat Kings
16. JAMESON, Keaton Brandon Wheat Kings
17. SCHOONBAERT, Bradley Brandon Wheat Kings
35. HALL, Ryan Winnipeg Monarchs

1. McHOLM, Kyle Winnipeg Sharks
2. PURTIL, Braden Winnipeg Sharks
3. ZALITACH, Reid Winnipeg Sharks
4. FINNSON, Krisjon Interlake Lightning
5. LANGLOIS, Reed Interlake Lightning
6. FISHER, Taylor Winnipeg Warriors
7. DOUGLAS, Austin Winnipeg Warriors
8. LINDGREN, Ryley Winnipeg Sharks
9. MILLER, Dallas Winnipeg Sharks
10. LOUGH, Rhett Winnipeg Sharks
11. TAIT, Clay Interlake Lightning
12. LUSSIER, Braden Interlake Lightning
14. BONKOWSKI, Blaze Interlake Lightning
15. HARDY, Mack Winnipeg Warriors
16. McINTOSH, Carson Winnipeg Warriors
17. KASTES, Kalan Winnipeg Warriors
35. EDMONDS, Ty Winnipeg Warriors

1. JOHNSON, Evan Winnipeg Monarchs
2. SKRUMEDA, Lucas Winnipeg Hawks
3. HOYDALO, Nigel Winnipeg Hawks
4. COMPTON, Braden Brandon Wheat Kings
5. McMURDO , Carter Brandon Wheat Kings
6. LEE, Yun Han Winnipeg Monarchs
7. HAMONIC, Connor Winnipeg Monarchs
8. WOWRYK, Adam Winnipeg Hawks
9. BROOKS, Adam Winnipeg Hawks
10. STARODUB, Dallas Winnipeg Hawks
11. HUNTER, Reid Brandon Wheat Kings
12. KITT, Brett Brandon Wheat Kings
14. CAMPBELL, Duncan Brandon Wheat Kings
15. KEANE, Geordie Winnipeg Monarchs
16. HALL, Ezra Winnipeg Monarchs
17. KROEKER, Liam Winnipeg Monarchs
35. PENNINGTON, Reid Winnipeg Hawks


Anonymous said...

It appears that this league has a real allstar game not limiting coaches to only send 1 player per team Im sure there are mistakes but maybe ambhl should have alook

Anonymous said...

Was a very fast paced game with a lot of surprises, unfortunately we only seen 5 guys that really stood out in this game. In no particular order Edmonds(Goal), Brooks(forward)Zalitach(defence) Tait (forward) and Lough (forward)Hats off to the venue also, very nice facility MTS Moose Plex. Well done Winnipeg