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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Saskatoon Jr. Blades receive major boost

The Saskatoon Junior Blades will head to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Subway Classic tournament with a new defenceman. Ryan Pilon will join the summer hockey squad and becomes quite likely the top defenceman on the team immediately. This should give Saskatoon a good shot of once again making a 3rd consecutive team final in a major summer tournament. Ryan Pilon, last year, played bantam hockey with the Alex Forsberg led Warman Wildcats. He compiled 4 goals, 9 assists for 13 points in just 18 league games. Pilon is projected by us in our latest rankings as a first rounder. We will have an interview with Ryan in our next newsletter which comes out on June 14th.


Anonymous said...

I heard Mpofu was playing hurt in Vancouver. Is this a leftover of his injury from GSHL last season? He seems a bit injury prone. Maybe is size on D is catching up?

Pilon will help stabilize the D and is a decent player. I here Ryan likes playing ball in the summer, however, his intermittent commitment to summer hockey raises a few concerns about his higher level desire. Players like Olenyk I think do both.

james said...

Pilon will be a big (in all senses of the word)addition to the team. Although if there's one thing lacking in his game, it's that he doesn't always use his size to the most benefit.

Also, Pilon didn't play with Forsberg last year. You might have confused Forsberg with Leverton?

Finally, i don't see ANY connection between summer hockey involvement and desire level. Some players need a break, some have parents who can't afford the not insubstantial costs of summer play, some choose to go to camps instead. In fact, some professionals are of the opinion that summer hockey isn't necessarily good for kids of this age, so long as they stay active with something during the summer. Let's the batteries recharge.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumour that Braden Oleksyn may rejoin the Jr. Flames or Huskies for the Winnipeg Tournament. Anybody know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Oleksyn was not asked to play for Flames Gonek will be with Flames as well as Riley Simpson out of Edmonton McCollouch #91 will not be in Winnipeg this will be the strongest Roster of the Three Tourneys for the Flames

Anonymous said...

Where is the interviews with Mappin and Dupperault, are they in the newsletter? Does anyone know where Dupperault is from Milestone or Wilcox?

Western Elite said...

They are in the newsletter. We put 3-5 of the interviews with the kids in each newsletter which comes out every 2 weeks. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

i have heard that 2or3 hustlin huskies will be playing with ND hounds AAA this winter ?? I guess there are hidden gems all over!!!

Western Elite said...

Duperrault is from Wilcox.

Hustlin Huskies do have some very good players this season.

Scotty B said...

It seems that the evaluation standards by which players that have always been "classified" as good players and those that have been "classified" as up and comers are different. This spring season I have seen many so called great players not live up to the hype and many up and comers exceed expectations.

I would like to see interviews and articles on the 2nd and 3rd line players from many of the top end summer hockey teams as these are the kids that will be the diamonds in the rough in the upcoming draft.

We all know who the best players are. Lets educate ourselves about players we maybe don't know about but should.

Western Elite said...

There are a wide range of interviews supplied in the newsletter. They range from 1st-2nd round prospects to prospects that are rated much, much lower but are on the rise. Some of the interviews posted on the site will contain as such too.