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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jr. Flames coach Grant Point interview on the eve of the NA Classic

Grant, you are coaching arguably the top summer team in western Canada right now. Which players are leading the way and who looks to be someone to watch moving forward?
The reason I believe we have good results is due to the commitment all our players we have had many guys attend practices coming hundreds of miles I think that has been a big reason. I also tried to recruit players who have a passion for the game and guys willing to work every time out.The Line of Point Wong and Quenville have been very strong on both ends this year. Reid Duke and Alex Mowbray have been also out standing up front. We have had great pk work from Butcher and O connor and Mucullough has also been great in all areas. I have really liked the play from Hicketts and Van Horne and Jake Dube has been so underated he is awesome for us. Gonek has relley given us a physical edge we had been looking for.
The North American AAA Hockey Classic is fast approaching this weekend. Which teams do you feel will pose the biggest threat? Your team and Saskatoon have met in a pair of finals, anyone else who could perhaps knock your team or the Junior Blades off?
The team I really like is the Van Selects this is a team with nice speed, great transition solid defence and exellent goaltending I look for them to show well. Minn Legacy may be a wild card they have some skill guys so they will not be taken lightly. Our team and myself have a great respect for the Blades alot of these guys have been battling each other over the last 7 Springs so we know them well and have the utmost respect for them as a team. They are always tough. SPI is another team I do not over look they are a very good group of players and if they mesh they can be dangerous. The Huskies are also a hard woking group that could surprise. Lastly the host team JR Jets are a very good team we played them in Notre Dame and it was a great game well coached and fast.
Which players have impressed you the most this summer from opposition teams?
There are so many great players out there I hate to miss anyone but against us Olynek has been very good as has Warkintine Chartier The Blades Goalies have also been Great. Thrower on SPI looks good on Defence I think Skapski and Bamford Were good against us Shandhu is a very skilled player Tanner MacMaster Played well against us as well as did Connor Bleakly both guys are top end players.
Your son Brayden is thought to be perhaps the most skilled player in western Canada in his age group. What are Brayden's plans heading into next season and beyond?
Brayden will continue to work on his gamethis summer. Brayden has always had a great work ethic that will hopefully be seen this season. Brayden is going to play a tournament over seas so that should be a great event. I think 4 to 6 weeks off the skates and working on core and strength should help and alot of rest. Brayden has played over 100 games this year so a rest is over due. Brayden like every kid wants to play at the highest level possible so if he has a good year and is selected in the WHL Draft he would follow that route. If not there are always other roads to further yourself as a player. Brayden hopes to be a WHL player.
Thank you


Western Elite Hockey said...

I honestly believe that this may be the most talented collection of 96 born players to ever form a team in western Canada. Top to bottom, most all of these boys are headed toward a long hockey career.
I also feel that alot of credit needs to be given to the teams coaching staff as talented players dont always make a great team. Grant Point has a great track record of developing his players and getting the best out of them come game time.
His son Brayden also has a great future ahead of him. I've had the opportunity of seeing him on the ice a number of times, he reminds me of a young Eberley. He sees the game on a totally different level than his peers.
Best of luck to the JR Flames in the upcoming tourny.

Al Shaw

Big said...
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