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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Matthew Phillips - Player Profile

Phillips has been one of the most prolific scorers  this summer

Matthew Phillips                    
Calgary Bisons (AMBHL)
5’5 125 Forward
11-12 stats:  31GP 18-8-26 4PIM

Where did you play your minor hockey and what were some of your favourite personal and team memories growing up?
I was born in Calgary but I started my minor hockey in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. I moved back to Calgary at the novice age where I've played for Bow Valley up until this bantam season. My most recent hockey memory is winning the Southern Alberta championship and helping the Bisons make a long playoff run, before unfortunately losing to Edmonton SSAC in provincials. My favorite memory was when I scored a goal in overtime of playoffs with the Mount Pearl Ames getting called up from timbits to play novice in Newfoundland.

Your rookie bantam season was very successful in that you were able to score 18 goals. What do you feel was the main reason for that type of success?
As a 1st year player, this was a challenging year. I think my success this season came because I kept working hard. 18 goals was mostly a sign of just hard work and having great players and coaches around me to help me stay on track and develop every time I hit the ice. Having a chance to play bantam AAA as a first year player was amazing, my coaches gave me opportunities and showed confidence in me and I'm very thankful for that and an amazing season with the Bisons. 

You led the recent Alberta Champions Cup in goals with 10. What do you feel helped you or made you able to put up such good numbers?
This is my first season with the 98 Jr. Hitmen. The puck movement and discipline style of play forces me to always be thinking and see the ice better. Having two great line mates in Parker Aucoin and Kyle Olson played a big part in my tournament success. When your entire team is working hard, playing as a unit and sacrificing, it's a great atmosphere...and fun. 

What are the strengths in your game that make you such a good goal scorer? On the other hand, what weaknesses in your game do you feel need the most work heading up to the bantam draft a year from now?
I think my strengths are my speed, my work ethic and my two way play. I need to work on my strength so that I can win every puck battle, and a harder shot will make me able to score from any part of the ice. 

Next year you will become one of the go-to players on the Bisons with Merkley and Shmyr moving on. Do you feel you are ready for that and also what can you take from Merkley and Shmyr that will helping you moving forward?
I feel ready for the increased attention and a big amount of ice time most likely. Nick and Braylon we're amazing players of course but they are two very mature guys and they sacrificed and came to work every practice and they helped make other players better. 

Talk about what you are doing for the rest of the spring/summer in terms of hockey camps, tournament and other training?
The rest of the summer I will be going to Challenge Cup in B.C in May and North American Hockey Classic in Winnipeg in June, both with the Jr. Hitmen. I will be doing a lot of conditioning training so I am able to play consistently throughout the entire 33 game season and be able to compete in Medicine Hat and St. Albert if we get the opportunity. 

Lastly, who is your favourite NHL hockey player? If you could pick one player to model your game after, who would it be and why?
My favorite NHL player is Pavel Datsyuk.  I would model my game after him because of his vision and his two way play. You rarely see Datsyuk turnover the puck which would be a great aspect to add to my game. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I watched this kid play and he sure is quick, with a nice toe drag. He should be a late first round pick in my opinion. He's small but wins most puck battles.