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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Manitoba Lightning Tournament

The Manitoba Lightning AAA summer classic is underway  now in Winnipeg.  We will focus on the 97 and 98 age group this weekend.  First, taking a look at the 97 age group.

Manitoba Falcons 3 - Manitoba Mustangs 1
For the Falcons it was Devon Skoleski with 2 goals and Meyer Nell picking up 3 assists.  The lone goal for the Mustangs was Dale Goodbrandson.

Route 90 Rebels 7 - Manitoba Stars 2
The Manitoba Stars got 2 goals from top 10 pick Dallas Miller.  The Route 90 Rebels are led defensively by top 10 overall prospect Ryan Gardiner who scored a goal.  Offensively, Shane Roulette scored twice for the Rebels.

Team Pepsi (1-0-0) 10 - Manitoba Falcons (1-1-0) 4
The powerfull and undefeated Team Pepsi squad was led by Douglas Blaisdell who scored 2-3-5 and Kirklan Lycar with a pair of goals.  Colton Veloso also had a huge game with 1-2-3.  For the Falcons, it was Ivanyhsyn with a pair of goals as well Skoleski scored his 3rd of the tournament and Meyer Nell scored a goal.

Manitoba Stars (1-1-0) 9 - Manitoba Mustangs (0-1-0) 6
The Stars were led with a huge game from Dallas Miller who scored 4 goals, giving him 6 in the tournament and he also added 2 assists in the victory.  Brayden Cochrane and Jayden Catchaway scored 2 goals each for the Stars.  The Mustangs attack was led by Brenden Sansome and Jordan Martin each picking up 2 goals.

Saturday Action
Team Pepsi (2-0-0) 11 - Manitoba Mustangs (0-2-0) 3
Ethan Price scored 4 goals for Team Pepsi who now has as a team have scored 20 in games.  Colton Veloso added 2 goals and a helper.  Other multiple point producers were Colt Conrad with 1-2-3, Jaden Ackegan 1-1-2, Jesse Gabrielle 1-1-2.  For the Mustangs, it was Tyler Slobogian with 1-1-2 and Dale Goodbrandson also scored again for the Mustangs.

Manitoba Stars (2-1-0) 11 - Manitoba Bulldogs 1 (0-1-0) 1
Dallas Miller scored 2-2-4 before being ejected late in the 2nd period of this one.  He now has 8-4-12 in 3 games so far at the tournament.  Darcy Mcleod had two goals and DJ Crane 3 goals for the Stars.

Route 90 Rebels (2-0-0) 4 - Manitoba Falcons (1-2-0) 2
Ryan Gardiner scored two more goals, giving him 3 in the tournament and Travis Killbrei had 1-1-2.  Devon Skoleski continues to have a great tournament for the Falcons scoring both goals, giving him 5 in 3 games so far.

Manitoba Stars (3-1-0) 8 - Manitoba Falcons (2-2-0) 4
DJ Crane scored 3 goals, giving him 6 in his past two games.  Dallas Miller was held to just one goal as he wsa once again ejected in the 2nd period of this game.  Brennan Cochrae scored 3 more goals, he now has 5 in his past couple games.  For the Falcons, it was four different scorers.

Team Pepsi (3-0-0) 5 - Route 90 Rebels (2-1-0) 0
Ethan Price once again paced the attack with 1-2-3.  Veloso, Conrad, Blaisdell and Bear with his first of the tournament also scored for Team Pepsi who can simply roll their lines all game long. 

Scoring Leaders
Dallas Miller 8 5 13

Brennan Cochrane 5 6 11
Ethan Price 6 3 9
Jayden Catcheway 4 5 9
DJ Crane 7 0 7
Colton Veloso 4 3 7
Colt Conrad 3 4 7
Darcy Mcleod 2 4 6
Devon Skoleski 5 0 5
Douglas Blaisdell 3 2 5
Donovan Neuls 1 4 5


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable what the officials did to that Miller kid!! Do you really think he would hit an official? I would think not!! I saw it all go down!! He never hit no ref!! Just unbelievable! The kid got ejected in the middle of their 3rd game, then same with the 4th in total he played like 3 games and got 13 points? The kid has awesome talent and this is how Winnipeg treats one of their most talented players? I will NOT be letting any of my boys attend any more Manitoba Lightening tournaments or maybe even ANY Winnipeg tournaments for that matter. after seeing all that cheating that went down this weekend. I'm surprised the parents didn't go to the media with that one! Heck I would have. What was it all for? What was accomplished out of it all?

Anonymous said...

If these are the same caliber of officials that did the Bantam Westerns then I would side with the player. The Refing I've seen in Winnipeg is the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

How come Miller is no longer playing for team pepsi?? Everyone says that he has discipline issues but I have watched him for 2 years with the AAA Sharks and he is very disciplined???? Is it the coaching that he is getting in the summer or what???

Anonymous said...

was it team pepsi that kept getting him kicked out of those games? think about that dig carefully...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of people are thinking the same thing....

Anonymous said...

when you two hand a ref you should be suspended for good...get the kid and the parents help. Any player doing that to an official should be banned for life. NO EXCEPTIONS

Anonymous said...

team Pepsi had nothing to do with it. in one tournament he(Miller)was not on the official roster and therefore was not suppose to be on the ice. He was, he got caught and he was asked to leave. Blame his coach and parents for that one. The second incident of Miller be kicked out was him two handing a Ref with his stick. Please don't lay blame on people or organizations that had nothing to do with it. Summer leagues will continue to have these types of problems as there is no governing body to control or regulate these leagues and tournaments. A word of caution to all players and parents who have their kids participating in these are all(players & parents) being watched by people who will have an influence on where your kid play's or doesn't play hockey.