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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 8, 2011 newsletter is now ready

The June 8, 2011 newsletter is now ready. In this edition of the newsletter, we make several new additions to the Top 140 1997 born list, update the player statistics from the 2011-2012 season where available. The 98 and Western USA lists start to take more shape as summer hockey progresses.

I had a chance to speak with a very talented Alberta born player whose season was cut short by injury but still averaged over a point per game. I spoke with a sure fire top 10 prospects from Alberta who really seems to have the complete package every team would want. Finally, I spoke with a Manitoba born prospect who really has a nose for the net and loves to skate and score.

Finally, I break down the players to watch at the up-coming North American Hockey Challenge in Winnipeg coming up. The top 10 forwards, 5 defenseman and goalies are looked at as well as the top teams.


Trader B said...

I saw the list this morning, and noticed that there are a lot of very good players that are not on this list. I can only assume that either this is a spring hockey top scorers, top scoring D list or the kids that are not on this are considered not to be prospects at all.

Western Elite said...

In regards to the list. You have to remember that it is June 8, 2011. Which means the bantam draft is almost a full year away still and many changes will occur from now until then. To think that this is the way things will turn out in the end is pure foolish.

Secondly, in regards to spring/summer hockey. You are correct in that not every player plays spring/summer hockey and some players are a bit ahead as a result just due to viewing opportunity.

If you look at the list from the start of last season and the list that was released after the new year to the final list. There were many changes but 80% of the top 200 on our list last year were selected and 35/44 in the top 2 rounds.

The cream will rise to the top in the end and when the season begins, they always do. But as far as a preliminary list, it is pretty close but as is the case with any ranking, even central scouting NHL list, there is always room for debate and that is what makes it fun right?

Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase this newsletter, how do I do this.

Anonymous said...

i noticed 2 talented manitoba prospects ethan williams and kirk lycar drop quite a bit. have they had a rough spring season ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Williams you are on a lot of blogs holy!

Anonymous said...

no mr williams isnt the one who was inquiring about this, i am a scout from the manitoba area and havent been around to watch much of spring hockey, all i was was doing is asking the question thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been able to watch a young player on several occasions from the Pursuit of Excellence bantam 2 team. He is a late birth 1997, and has impressed both in terms of speed, and not sure if I saw bigger hits all year with speed. Great prospect and look forward to your thoughts on Daine Elphicke!

Anonymous said...

There are many players that I have seen that could easily be on the list. They simply don't get the exposure like POE, Winnipeg or BWC does. For example, most scouts go to tier one tournaments - the really big ones. But if a player comes from a small association his team may be placed in tier 2 so therefore the team doesn't have enough talent to play in tier 1 tournaments where the players will get noticed. But I have also always been told "If your good enough, they'll find you".