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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pre-Draft Thoughts revisited

Pre Draft Thoughts

I've been asked to do a Mock Draft by many followers of the blog and I stay may today if I hear more definite information on who will pick who at the top. In the mean time, here is a brief summary of what you can expect in the first round of the draft.

- Currently there are three players who are being considered as a the first overall selection tomorrow. Those players are: Ryan Pilon (Warman), Brycen Martin (Calgary Bisons) and Jake Virtanen (Abbotsford). If I were going to venture a guess as to who go's first, it would be D- Brycen Martin.
Result - This did prove to be true but Calgary went with the Forward in the end.  All good prospects.

- There are three defenseman who have pulled away from the rest of the pack. Martin, Pilon and Jordan Thomson. All three should go in the top 6 lottery picks.
Result -  These were the top 3 dmen and all 3 went in the first 4 picks.

- Jake Virtanen is the consensus #1 overall forward in the draft. He will go in the top 3 picks. After Virtanen, forwards such as: Duke, Mappin, Gardiner, Warkentine, Bleackley and Gropp will all go soon after.
Result - Virtanen was the top forward taken, Duke, Mappin and Gropp all went right after.  Bleackley and Warkentine were first rounders.

- This is a very strong draft for the province of Saskatchewan. There could be as many as 8 and atleast 6 players from the province to go in the first round. And between 12-15 kids in the top 2 rounds. To put that in perspective. The province has just over a million people, while Alberta and BC have around 4 times as many. I would be surprise to see Warkentine, Gardiner, Pilon, Harris, Shirley or Chartier fall out of the first round.
Result- Saskatchewan had 6 players taken in the first round.  And there were between 12-15 kids picked in the first 2 round and that number was 13.  All 6 players listed where the only ones taken in the first round.

- To narrow it down further in terms of Saskatchewan talent. The City of Saskatoon could have as many as 4 first rounders alone. Collin Shirley and Rourke Chartier are considered definite first rounders, while high scoring Kolten Olynek and Braden Oleksyn who played midget hockey with Beardy's are borderline.
Result - Saskatoon had Shirley and Chartier go in the first round as projected.

- The province of B.C. may have as few as 3 first rounders this year. After Ryan Gropp and Jake Virtanen who should be top 10 picks, it is far from having another sure-fire first rounder. Joe Hicketts is a true wildcard as he could be picked very high or fall until the later portions of the 2nd round. Riley Stadel from Cloverdale will get consideration and some still like Sandhu. A player getting lots of consideration now and seems to be vaulting up the ranks is big Lucas Mercer from BWC.
Result - BC only had 3 players taken in the first round as projected.  Hicketts was taken in the first round in the end where we had him.  Sandhu and Stadel both slipped and didn't quite make it.  Mercer did vaulted up as well.

- Manitoba only has one forsure first round selection in Jordan Thomson from Souris. High scoring Adam Brooks is another possibility.
Result - Thomson was the only player taken in the first round as though.  Brooks fell just out of the round.
- 5'5 130 Brayden Point is another wildcard in the draft. There is no denying how skilled the player is, but whether that can translate to the WHL is another question. He could go first round with a team who has multiple picks or fall to the 3rd round.
Result - Point proved to be a wildcard and was picked at 14th overall.  Not surprising at all.  He did go first round to a team with multiple picks in the end.


Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it was nice to read on all kids and tourneys on your site your rankings were always fair I would say keep it going and im sure you will have an army of followers in the next few seasons. Your accuracy was unreal but I did tell you that Point was a first rounder but I guess you can make a few mistakes.Your site was great

Anonymous said...

I think your rankings did very well, what people don't factor in is whether players committed 100% To WHL and those that did not ,or players perceived to go NCAA.

Those that attended College Hockey Inc may have dropped and allowed others to rise. No worries for those that attended college functions as you are not likely to go WHL.

Remember this is the "WHL" draft not the "Maybe WHL" draft. if your son was drafted lower than expected its because he has a choice. Those that went higher made very firm commitments.

BWC got left out because they tend not to cross the mountains and have a great Jr A League and want to take the college route. Prairies have fewer choices for good Junior Leagues except WHL.

Every year the WHL usually has 3 picks from BWC the rest get listed later.

Your rankings reflected mostly skill level and a little size, no commitment, unless you know otherwise. WHL prioritizes: commitment to WHL, size, skill.

If everyone had only WHL as a choice that's how I would pick my team (your rankings with a few exceptions of course). The WHL would still pick the same except commitment would not be necessary.

Great job, tough job!

Anonymous said...

Would be interested in how many players ranked in your top 200 that did not get drafted.