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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Interview Corner

Steady, hard hitting Keenan Shaw looks to make big inpact

In this weeks edition, we had a chance to sit down with Allen Shaw. Allen is and his wife are strength and conditioning coaches with

Where did Keenan play his hockey in the 09-10 season?
My son is Keenan Shaw, born April 9, 1996.
Last season he played as a first year for the Knights of Columbus Squires in the AMBHL and finished the season with 0G - 7A- 7 Points and 38Pims.
He played about 25 minutes per game, primarily in a shut down role against the opposing team’s top lines.
Keenan is currently 6’1” and about 185Lbs.

Please explain to us some of Keenan's strengths as a hockey player moving forward?
Size and strength: he is not only a big guy for his age, but has trained diligently in the gym for the last 2 years to develop functional strength and agility on the ice.
Physicality: may be one of the best open ice hitting Defensemen in the AMBHL, his vision of the hit is much like Shea Weber. In his 5 games at the Champions Cup (May 1st weekend) he had four hits which lead to players being forced to leave the game. He is also punishing in front of his net and in the corners.
Skating: skating and foot speed has developed well this past year. His lateral movement has improved very well, leading to him rarely ever getting beat 1 on 1.
Shot: powerful shot from the point.
Coach-ability: All of his coaches for the last 5 years, including the coaches from his school (Vimy Ridge Hockey Academy) have stated that he is great to coach. You tell him what you want done, and he does it.
Desire: he wants to be the best he can be. His goal is to play in the WHL, for Team Canada at the World Juniors and in the NHL.

Every player at this age has a few things to work on, what are some of the skills Keenan is working on moving forward?
Shot accuracy: Keenan often hits the net with his slappers and wristers from the point, but needs to hit the open holes with more accuracy to find the mesh.
Offensiveness: he is slowly getting accustomed to the fact that he can skate and carry the puck well. He has a good first pass, but has the ability to skate the puck with more frequency.

With more and more players entering summer hockey programs and tournaments, what is Keenan doing in regards to hockey this summer?
Keenan will be playing for the Vimy Ridge Hockey Academy – Junior Varsity Team. This will be their “flagship” team for 95 and 96 boys. They are travelling to Kelowna to play in a tournament against the Pursuit of Excellence team on the May 20th long weekend. A number of 2010 WHL drafted players will be on both teams including: Curtis Lazar, Greg Chase, Jaedon Descheneau.
Keenan will be attending the National Hockey Institute ( ) for 2 weeks in July in St. Catherines Ontario. He will be working directly with: Darryl Belfry and Andy O’Brien. He is really excited to be working with the best in the hockey industry for those 2 weeks and knows this will help take his game to the next level.
Keenan will continue his strength and agility training and strict nutritional plan thru-out the summer in effort to be a power house next season on the ice.

Thank you for the interview and best of luck to you and your son and his hockey endeavors.


Anonymous said...

I had the opporuntity to watch Keenan play on a number of occasions during the 2009-10 season. I don't think he ever played 25 minutes in a game. Rylance and Hopkins were the only two players used that much. Let's make sure the facts are correct before we start throwing out stats like that. I would say it was much closer to 17 to 20 minutes a game.

Anonymous said...

My son played bantam AAA we got to play KC a number of games this year. You are right about Rylance he was the teamsbest defence this year. Not sure what you are saying Hopkins wasn’t a top defence for kc he played scared would never go corners and would give the puck away rather than get hit Hopkins never played with Rylance every game we played kc it was shaw and rylance