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Friday, May 7, 2010

Top Five Friday's

In the weekly installment of "Top Five Friday's", we'll take a look this week at the tope five small men or kids if you will to make an inpact leading up to draft day.

1. Brayden Point 5'3 115

Standing at just 5'3 and weighing only 115 lbs entering in the spring hockey season, Brayden is a small player right now. However, he puts up huge numbers and reminds many of us of another few small hockey players who dominated either in bantam or in junior. Evan Richardson from Naniamo was just 5'2 at this time in his draft year but went on to be selected in the first round by the Broncos and further more lead the BC Midget league in scoring this past season. Jordan Weal is another tiny player who dominated, was taken late in the draft and dominated in his 17 yr old WHL season.

2. Joe Hicketts 5'6 150

A smallish 5'6 defenceman playing on the spring/summer Calgary Jr. Flames squad. He is an offensive defenceman who is responsible in his own zone. Joe is very good with the puck and is undoubtably one of the top defenceman in the draft at this point despite his small size right now.

3. Jayce Hawryluk 5'5 127

Jayce is an extremely talented player who was playing in a bit of obscurity last season in AA Dauphin. However nobody can deny the kids skill set. Standing at just 5'5 and weighing 127, Jayce is able to dominate and lead his league in scoring. Jayce is probably in the top 1-2 Manitoba players available for next years bantam draft despite his small stature.

4. Rourke Chartier 5'4 130

Rourke had a simply outstanding bantam season last year. He led all Saskatoon Bantam scorers with 86 goals, 18 more than top 5 rated Oleksyn and this coming as a first year Bantam. The sky is the limit for this player, lets hope his height is too because if it all comes together, Rourke could be another dominate small man in the WHL someday.

5. Tyler Wong 5'6 150

Tyler was the leading scorer last season for first year players in the ambhl. This spring, he already has 11 goals in 10 games for the powerhouse Calgary Jr. Flames. Tyler can play a crash and bang style or produce on the score sheet with the best of them. Tyler is a player to watch for the first couple rounds leading up to the 2011 WHL Bantam Draft.
Check back tomorrow, where we'll look at the "Sataruday Situation" where we discuss the happenings around minor hockey.


Anonymous said...

I like your site, it provides the die hard hockey parent with some fun reading.
That said, looking at the WHL draft in the past, the little guy no matter how talented never goes high in the draft.
What is your reasoning in placing: Point, McMaster and Hicketts in the first round?
Draft history would dictate that the mentioned players are destined for the third or forth round.
No disrespect to the boys as they deserve attention, but may be ranked too high.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment about size.
I also think that the order that these players have been put in are to provoke comment and interest till the final news letter is published. I would predict huge changes in 50% of your top 50 prospects.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 2 comments previous, in the past draft out of the first 66 players or 3 rounds, there were only 5 players under 5'9.Your top 10 wont compare in a Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

So tell us in 3 years what players do you see being better than the ones listed just interested. I agree on you comment the whl loves size but this draft does not have alot of skilled big guys so who would you take higher.The thing with both MacMaster and Point is scouts do know they both have brothers playing Jr a hockey so they have an idea how big these guys may be MacMasters brother is listed at 5ft 11 165 and Points brother is listed at 5ft 9 180 this maybe handy info.I dont know what scout are looking for after this years draft.I guess it doesnt mater where these players get picked they are great players.If they reach the same size as there siblings they will be very good at 17.