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Monday, July 18, 2011

July 20, 2011 newsletter is now ready!

The July 20, 2011 newsletter is now ready. In this edition of the newsletter we continue to update the list by adding new players and adjusting the rankings prior to the start of the 2011-2012 season. Also included is a re-cap of how some of the top Western USA players faired at the Under 14 US Development Camp in Rochester, NY last week. We also preview the Western Prospects Development Camp that begins today in Regina, who will be the standout players at the camp, we'll tell you who.

The interview section has been expanded this time around and includes an interview with perhaps the top eligible 97 born player from the province of Manitoba. I also speak with a player from the lower mainland in BC who hopes to lead his team to a top four appearance in the tough PCAHA Flight 1. We speak with a player who moved to Alberta from New Brunswick a few years back and prides himself on shutting down the top players in his province. I spoke with a player from Alberta who is excited to have a break through bantam draft year in his first year in the AMBHL. Finally, we introduce a 98 born hockey player from the lower mainland in B.C. who hopes to make a powerhouse AAA program and contribute right away, we think he can!

Top 145 for 97 rankings.
Top 70 for 98 rankings.
Top 50 USA prospects.

Top 10 1997 born sneak peak (Western Canada)
1.  Matt Barzal - BWC
2.  Aaron Kellogg - Fort Sask.
3.  Giorgio Estephan - SSAC
4.  Tanner Browne - JDF
5.  Ryan Gardiner - WPG Sharks
6.  Nick Merkley - Calgary Bisons
7.  Dallas Miller - WPG Sharks
8.  Adam Musil - BWC
9.  Rylee Zimmer - Notre Dame
10.Ethan Bear - Melville

Top 10 1998 born sneak peak (Western Canada)
1.  Kale Clague - Lloydminster
2.  Jaeger White - Undecided
3.  Dylan Thiessen - Winnipeg
4.  Sam Steel - Strathcona
5.  Dante Fabbro - BWC
6.  Nolan Patrick - Winnipeg
7.  Tyler Steenbergan - Red Deer
8.  Dennis Cholowski - Langley
9.  Garrett Kuklica - Winnipeg
10. Dillon Dube - Bow Valley


Anonymous said...

From what ive heard Jaeger white will likely leave medicine hat.

Anonymous said...

White is mgoing to school in vancouver with burnaby winter club im pretty sure

Anonymous said...

I heard White was headed to BWC.

How does Ethan Price not rank in the top three 97 forwards? Seems like a pretty big ommission.

Not knocking the kids on your Top 10 list (all very deserving IMO) but I don't see even one American player in your top 10. Surely a case can be made for guys like Ethan Price, Alec Mehr and Jesse Gabrielle as top 10 prospects.

What about on defense - Daniel Woolfenden, Logan Fauber & Keoni Texieri. They are at least as good as any of the defensemen you have listed.

In goal Evan Sarthou has to be considered the top 1997 goaltending prospect, no?

Just curious - is this Top 10 list restricted to Western Canadian kids, or you legitimately don't consider any of them top 10 material or is there another reason top US players might have been left out? Just curious.

Western Elite said...

There is a separate list for Western USA kids and all the ones you listed are in the top 10 for American born prospects.

USA said...

The Gabrielle kid is not an American born prospect. He is a Canadian. I know that for fact cause he was wasn't allowed at the Team USA festivals in Rochester due to his citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Will bwc be able to be defeated?

Anonymous said...

you have Zimmer at Notre Dame but he played in Russel last year and he will play in Russel this year as well

Anonymous said...

Really surprised there wasn't more from Alberta on the top 10 list

Anonymous said...

Where can we see the rest of the prospects? The full 145?

Western Elite said...

"Where can we see the rest of the prospects? The full 145?"

The 20 page newsletter is available through donation above. Just click on the appropriate link as to your plan. Included is a top 145 for 97's, top 70 for 98's, Top 50 for USA, interviews and news and notes.

Anonymous said...

for top 98's Josh Anderson of Cowichan Valley should be up there. Ive played with Kuklica and Anderson, I believe Anderson is way better.