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Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday night in bantam hockey

In B.C. last night, the Abbotsford Hawks defeated North Shore Winter Club 5-1. Dylan Kooner led the way with 3 goals, while Painchaud and Revel also scored for Abbotsford. The Hawks will play BWC this weekend in what should be a great game in a battle of two of the better teams in the PCAHA Tier 1 league.

Elsewhere, Burnaby Winter Club Bruins shut-out Semiahmoo 5-0. The Seto bro's Cam and Chris each scored, while defenceman Viktor Dombrovskiy scored as well in the win.

Moving over to Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Outlaws walked all over the Saskatoon Frosbite 10-1. Kolten Olynek who is expected to be a high first round selection in the May Bantam Draft had 5 goals and 2 assists. 1997 born Wyatt Sloboshan had a pair of goals.

This weekend in Melville there is a smallish bantam tournament that will feature five teams. Melville, Lumsden, Yorkton, P.A. and Humboldt will take part. Watch on Monday for a re-cap of what happened their.


Anonymous said...

Good tourney

Anonymous said...

One player that should be added to your 150 list should be Austin Andrusiak of Saskatoon. He has really grown and was selected very high in the GSHL bantam draft. He had a 4 point night the night I seen him play and should be in that 135 to 150 range on your list.

WHL Scout said...

I agree with the Austin Andrusiak comment. He is a very smart and intellegent player who is really developing into being a good player. He is a very smooth player and has proven here early that he deserves to be on the hockey prospects list.

Anonymous said...

Austin is a great skater with good skills and plays gritty. Has a incredible work ethic and has raised a lot of eyebrows this year. He has caught the eye of WHL scouts do to his upside and intelligence of the game. He can easily replace at least 10 players on the current list. I have seen all teams in Sask and Manitoba bantams and feel he ranks right in there.

Anonymous said...

Can you please feature the Okanagan Mainline Hockey Association players more? You guys just focus on PCHL and ABMHL. more Okanagan players featured would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Smaller tournament but very well scouted. At least 15 WHL teams in attendance. Day 1 Scores had Melville beat Yorkton 9-5, PA beat Lumsden 5-1, Humboldt beat Lumsden7-1, Humboldt beat Melville 6-4 and PA beat Yorkton 8-2. Day 2 will feature Yorkton vs Lumsden at 8:30, Melville vs PA at 10:30, Yorkton vs Humboldt at 12:30, Melville vs Lumsden at 2:30 and PA vs Humboldt at 4:30.

Anonymous said...

PA was definately exposed in final. Lack of defensive presence and suspect goaltending means they will have to score eight a game to win against better teams. Lots of hype about this team and unless he plays the big 5 every shift this team wont go far

Anonymous said...
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