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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The next phenom in Manitoba hockey?

The province of Manitoba has a long history of top talent spilling out of its hockey backyard. Players such as Cam Barker, Jonathon Toews and more recently Michael St. Croix have all had impressive minor hockey careers and in Barker and Toews case NHL careers, St. Croix sure to follow.

The next star on the rise is a 5'11 184lb forward from Thompson, MB named Dallas Miller. Dallas was born in Thompson, MB then moved to Cranberry Portage, then the family moved back to Thompson, MB and Dallas began playing hockey at age 8. Then the family relocated to Sault St. Marie, ONT, once again back to Thompson and finally to Winnipeg, MB once it was obvious Dallas had immense hockey skills to further his career.

Last season, in Winnipeg, Dallas played age advanced hockey with the Winnipeg Sharks in the Winnipeg Bantam2 league. He was one of the top players despite been the youngest player in the league scoring 33 goals in just 21 games and his 45 points placed him just 3 point behind the team leader despite playing 9 fewer games. Dallas's season was shortened due to a broken Collorbone suffored at a tournament in Edmonton.

Dallas is already focusing on next season and has high expectations playing in the top Bantam league, age advanced once again. "My goals are to win the scoreing race for the leauge, and to try and win the city championship." I'm playing bantam age advanced with the 14 year olds. Beyond this season Dallas aspires to make the NHL and be a team captain some day. His favorite player is Alex Ovechkin.

Definitely a player to watch for the future in Manitoba.


Meek-1 said...

Dallas is a very talented player and athlete with a great sense of humour. If he can get two strides, there are very few who can stop him from taking a shot on the net or making a pass to a team mate who can. The secret to line mates, when he gets those two strides, skate like "heck" to the net for a definite opportunity.
Dallas is a passionate player and its really easy to forget he was born in 97 when he is on skates and a stick in his hand!!!

golazersderekhere said...

extremely skilled ...but bad work ethic and attitude ...anger problems apparently ... tough to play against though

Hockeyislife said...

As you can clearly see there is parents out there that are extremely jealous of this kid and therefore post false stuff about this kid. Miller is a very good hockey player. very coach able. Does not have a bad work ethic as that clearly shows on the ice as for attitude that is all good too....don't know where this person gets off posting this stuff. Obviously Miller has checked their kid into the boards once or twice!

tallyreed said...

If Dallas Miller reads this, hopefully he doesn't take anything here too seriously, ESPECIALLY THE SPELLING...
Article: "He was one of the top players despite been the youngest player..." (being); "placed him just 3 point behind..." (points); "Dallas's season was shortened due to a broken Collorbone suffored at a..." (Dallas') (collarbone) (suffered);

Comments: "team mate"(teammate); "...there is parents out there..." (are); "coach able" (coachable).

Anonymous said...

what is your opinion now, still no bad attitude

Anonymous said...

Suspended indefinitely after an incident in Brandon at the AAA Hockey Challenge.....yup.... bad attitude, anger problems.